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A private session with Dr. Michael can include astrology, dream interpretation, spiritual guidance and life coaching – or a combination of all of these modalities. The session will be conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing which can be connected through your computer or your phone’s camera, or you can dial in for a phone session. You can also come in person if you are local to Los Angeles or in an area where Dr. Michael is conducting a workshop or retreat. The session is recorded, and you will receive a *.wav audio file for your records.

A typical astrological reading takes the current cycles into consideration and looks at the near future, providing a snapshot of the energy that you are about to move into. Whatever it is you desire to create in your life, a reading of this type will let you know what you can expect in terms of support and/or hindrances to creating all that you desire. Of course, we can look further back at issues from the past, the blue print of your kharma/dharma as expressed in your natal chart, further into the future, relationship compatibility as well as the connection between parents and children.

  • The fee for a private session is $124 for a 30 minutes session, $164 for 45 minutes or $204 for a full-hour session.
  • You can schedule and pay for your sessions right here on the site. Once you schedule and pay for your session, you will receive a Zoom link via email to connect at your session time (temporarily suspended).
  • If you are local to Los Angeles and prefer to have your session in person, let me know and instead of a Zoom link you will receive my address and instructions.
  • Once you have paid for and booked a session, there is a 24-hour cancellation feel. Please make any changes to your scheduled appointment time within 24 hours or you will have to pay for the unused session. Being 10 or more minutes late is a no-show, and rescheduling is at our discretion.
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Purchase Sessions Without Scheduling

If you wish to purchase a session without scheduling it now, you can use the button below. This is to be used when purchasing a session as a gift for someone else, or one that you wish to pay for now to use later. Once you purchase the session, it will be on account under your ID, which is the email through which you make the purchase. You can then use the session any time in the future, or give it as a gift, by sending an email and receiving a scheduling link in return (or the link can be sent to your intended recipient). This is only for use with 45-minute sessions.

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Multiple Sessions – Coach/Counseling

Dr. Michael is delighted to offer coach/counseling sessions for those who would like to work more in depth. This is for people who would like to work one on one over a period of time on a specific issue. This work will focus on psychological coaching, but may also include astrological guidance, dream work, and shadow work.

For ongoing spiritual coach/counseling work with Dr. Michael, you can save by purchasing sessions in advance. Buy 5, and the fee per 45-minutes session goes down to $140. When you buy 10, the fee is only $120. Simply click through to pay for your session using the button below and Dr. Lennox will be in touch with you via email to schedule your first session.

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